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How to Pick Entertainment for Your Wedding Reception



Posted on: 07/05/2021


Deciding on entertainment for your wedding reception can be the most fun but overwhelming part of planning your big day. You want your guests to have a blast while keeping your budget on track. 

Your budget is always going to be the deciding factor when planning your wedding. We recommend having a comprehensive list of what you need for the ceremony and reception and what you’re willing to spend on each item. If having live music at your wedding is part of your dream day, make sure to save a little extra for this expense. If you’re working with a tighter budget, consider a local DJ or artist you know and love.

On top of considering your budget, you’ll want to keep in mind the date, time and event length when booking entertainment. Some bands or DJs may only accept work on certain days and for only a certain amount of time depending on how far in advance you are looking to book. When you are shopping for entertainment, make sure to double-check their availability!

What should you consider when booking live entertainment?

Your guests enjoy live entertainment with performers who know how to interact with a crowd. They’ll be able to put a fun spin on popular songs you and your guests love, but they also feel like a fresh rendition. Depending on the theme of your wedding, they may be the better choice for your aesthetic.

The downside is bands are often more expensive than a DJ; there’s more equipment and band members to cover. Plus, you’re relying on their talent to appeal to the wide age range of your guests. They also typically need more space for set up which is important to consider for your chosen venue. 

What should you consider when hiring a DJ?

You don’t have to worry about a band not knowing a requested song since it will be easy for a DJ to find the track. On average, they are more affordable than a full band, and they will still have their own unique sets and flairs to keep your guests entertained. (Pro Budget Tip: Create your own playlist and “hire” one of your younger guests to keep the tunes moving throughout the reception.)

A drawback of hiring a DJ for your reception could be that they rely more heavily on their set instead of interacting with the crowd. Also, if your wedding has a theme, hiring a DJ may seem out of place than a traditional band.

Whether you decide on a band or a DJ for your wedding reception, our wedding coordinators at Capt. Anderson’s Event Center are here to make your day as memorable as possible! If you are looking for available wedding venues, contact us to tour our spacious banquet halls and floor plans in Panama City Beach, Florida. You can also view our venue on The Knot and WeddingWire.


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