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Event Trends to Expect Throughout 2022



Posted on: 02/23/2022

Adaptability is 2022’s keyword! As the world evolves, event planners and venues need to be ready to change their plans at the drop of a hat. Highlighted below are five meeting and event trends for professional planners in 2022. These are also relevant trends that will continue to be important in the coming years, so take notes!

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events, or events that have people in-person and virtually attending, will be an ongoing occurrence through 2022. Sometimes travel restrictions, local restrictions, or a person’s comfort level will keep them from attending an in-person event. Planners need to be ready to quickly change their event to hybrid if needed. 

Micro Events

Holding micro events - smaller scale meetings that only take an hour or two of the participant’s time - are also a key factor in 2022. Most of them are held in a hybrid setting. This is a great option for weekly or monthly meetings covering various topics. Micro events are easier to plan because of their short time limit and usually do not require the other aspects of event planning – travel, food, and hotel accommodations. 

Wellness Breaks

Consider adding in breaks like offering a variety of health and wellness activities during your next multi-day conference or meeting. This tactic can help ease any tension and allows your attendees to focus on what they are discussing and not whatever else is weighing them down. Some examples include team building activities, leadership mentoring, outdoor activities, fitness classes, meditation activities, and, everyone’s favorite, delicious food and drink. Focusing on health and wellness during corporate functions has become a prominent feature when planners are setting up their events.

Customization and Personalization

A perfect way to get guests excited for an event is to let them customize and personalize the event to their liking. We don’t mean name tags and a goodie bag. Attendees like to be involved in the planning process. They may want to have a say in which type of presenters they listen to, where the conference will be held, catering options, etc. One great option to ensure guests are involved is by sending out a pre-event survey that allows attendees to answer a couple short questions to help personalize their experience. A post-event survey is also a wonderful tool to help prepare for next year!


Utilize the Tech 

Finally, event planners should use technology to their advantage - it is 2022, of course! Try using one of the many event planning apps and create a location to hold all of the details of your event. Don’t forget about adding options for things to do after your event ends – restaurant, bars, shopping, and entertainment. This is a great way to keep your team and your guests in-the-know while taking additional, unnecessary stress off your plate.

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