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Event Planning Do's & Don'ts for 2022



Posted on: 01/17/2022


Event Planning Do's & Don'ts for 2022

New year, new events! With 2022 in full swing, it's a great time to reflect on event learnings and experiences so you can plan even better for the future. Here are our top Do’s and Don’ts for event planning so you can strut through 2022 like you own it!

Don’t Limit Engagement Opportunities

Remember that engagement can mean something different to each guest. Make sure your events offer something for everyone. Opportunities for engagement exist before, during, and after your event, all of which are key ingredients to a positive and memorable experience.
Vary the types of engagement throughout by including activities like team building, facilitating conversation or chat rooms where participation is beneficial but voluntary, leveraging social media engagement opportunities, offering giveaways and chances to win prizes, or using technology to personalize engagement. There are so many possibilities when it comes to how your attendees interact with each other and your brand!

Don’t Pick a Venue Solely on Budget

Budgeting and event planning go hand-in-hand, of course. But when it comes to selecting an event space, leave room to find a venue that truly fits your event needs, especially if you want the ability to quickly pivot event formats. The venue coordinators should want to help you deliver a wow event.

Don’t Plan Too Much, Too Fast

This one's for not only you, but also your attendees. Maintaining a work-life balance is integral to an overall healthy lifestyle. Set boundaries to keep work and home separate by disconnecting at a set time each day. When you are working, delegate tasks and communicate effectively so your team members understand their roles and are empowered to support you and the overall goal.
When you plan an event, keep attendee-burnout in mind, as well. Events – whether in person, virtual or hybrid – can be overstimulating, which can cause an overwhelming experience. In the new year, consider allocating downtime for event goers. Incorporate time in between activities, free time, social time, and/or activities that allow the mind and body to take a breath and stretch. Everyone will appreciate the break, trust us!

Do Plan in Advance

Not only should you give yourself plenty of planning time but build sufficient wiggle room into each event. Make sure that activities, workshops, talks, etc. are not scheduled back-to-back and have buffer time built in. This enables your guests to absorb what they’ve just experienced, gather themselves if they must physically move between locations, and prepare for what’s next.

Do Be Creative!

The fun part! Brainstorm with your team to establish a pervasive theme across all aspects of the event; invitations, decorations, menu items, beverages, and the items that tie the entire event together. Consider high-end custom branded swag for the guests, which can include unique crowd-pleasers such as tech items, decorative accessories or even branded sweet treats.

Decide on Food and Beverage

In this new year of growth, stay committed to thinking outside the box! Content will continue to evolve. Seize a chance to have fun and be creative by implementing assets such as games, live surveys, and polls, push notifications, chat rooms, and so much more.

Do Make Your Venue Coordinator Your Partner

Your event ally is more than just the venue manager. Fortunately, these days you get to work with a partner, not just a vendor. Capitalize on the value of an expert team and dedicated account manager who will collaborate with you through the entire event process, from pre-planning to execution and follow-up.

When you start planning 2022 events like fundraisers, corporate functions, networking banquets, or any special happenings, remember to book your space with Captain Anderson’s Event Center in Panama City, Florida! Contact our venue coordinators to tour the spacious banquet halls and waterfront views. You can also view our photo gallery that showcases some of our past events. We can’t wait to be a part of your next function!



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