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Benefits of Hosting a Weekday Event



Posted on: 03/24/2022

Weekends get a lot of attention when it comes to event planning and gatherings. But there are many advantages to hosting an event during the week, as mid-week social gatherings can offer much needed solace and excitement to combat the monotony of the average workweek.

Giving your attendees something to look forward to during the week whether it be a company meeting, networking event, holiday party or anything in between helps morale! Keep reading for a few reasons weekday events can benefit you and your guests

Pricing & Budgets

Since many events are thrown on a Friday or Saturday, you can typically expect more venue openings during the week, as well as lower prices and room for negotiation. Because vendors are hoping to book, they are usually more flexible with lowering the prices to meet your needs.

For instance, many non-profit events and weddings take place on Fridays and Saturdays, as these two weekend nights are often reserved for larger galas and late-night wedding escapades.

It’s worth taking advantage of the opportunity to secure a lower rate for your next charity, networking, or corporate event by choosing a day or night during the week. With more money to spend elsewhere, you’ll be able to create an event that lives up to your expectations and can wow your guests!


More Vendor Selections

Most venues, entertainment and catering services often book well in advance for weekend parties, so there’s a greater array of options to choose from when opting for a weekday date. Hosting a party on a Tuesday or Thursday night, for instance, opens the door for more options, as there is less competition for your preferred venues.

A weekday event enables you as the event planner to have more power to find a venue that matches the taste and theme of the event you are hosting. Vendors are trying to secure business just as much as you are, so they will be readily responsive and flexible. 

Look Forward to More RSVP’s

When big events are planned on Fridays or Saturdays, it’s likely that some guests will be unable to attend due to prior commitments. However, the workweek schedule is often fairly stable and routine, so there’s a greater chance that your guests will be able to commit and that your event will receive a larger turnout.

For a non-for-profit event, networking or corporate, team-building event, the more people, the better. By choosing a weekday event, you’ll be more likely to interact with donors, co-workers and other attendees, which can help strengthen your personal and professional network and raise more awareness about your organization.


More Event Energy

Guests tend to have more energy during weekday events, mainly because weekends are typically reserved for relaxing and resetting for the week ahead. Many guests report not being as excited to go out on the weekend, because by then they are tired and ready for a break. That’s why keeping up with the momentum of the week makes weekday events more fun for all. The hustle and bustle of a busy week can catch up with all of us, making the weekend a welcomed time to just take it easy.

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